Air-con Regas Offer

WAS £59.00 NOW £49.00

Picture this, you've just set off on your exciting road trip when you realise your air-con has stopped working. Nightmare. Well don't fret as Trade and Save Auotcentre have got you covered with an air con re gas from just £59.00!

Did you know?

It is recommended that your air-con needs regassing every two years or there about.

If you feel the air blowing from the vent is no longer as cool as before/doesn't feel any different from when it is switched off then we would suggest it is time for a regas.

If you do not regas your air-con it will eventually become less likely to work which in turn makes the car uncomfortable in the hot weather and takes it longer to demist windows in the winter. Pipes are more likely to crack and parts likely to seize up if it isn't used. Therefore not regassing your air-con system will be bad in the long-run..

What is an Air-con regas?

An air-con regas is the process of removing the old refrigerant gas from your air-con system and replacing it with a new one making it run cold again. This shouldn't take longer than an hour to do.

Why choose us?

Our fully qualified, reliable technicians are more than happy to carry out your air-con regas as efficiently possible. We also offer a free of charge air-con check if you're unsure it needs a regas.