The best way to buy a used car

It goes without saying that the best way to buy a used car is by doing your research and ensuring you purchase from a reputable dealer, such as Blackpole Trade n Save. Beyond that, however, there are many ways in which you can ensure you get the vehicle you want for the best possible price. Here’s our guide to get you started.

Shop Around

If you’re not entirely sure of the make and model you’re looking for, you’re likely to spend time online looking at dealer websites before compiling a shortlist. Even if you do know exactly what you want, however, don’t simply go to the nearest franchised dealership and leap into a purchase. It’s always worth comparing models from various sources and finding out where you’ll attain the best value for money for the model you want in the trim level you want. Take into account the age, mileage and fuel type of the vehicle too.

Decide on Funding

Before signing any contract, you need to know you can afford the vehicle you’re purchasing. This doesn’t simply mean paying for the car itself, but requires you to think about running costs such as fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance. Many used car buyers today like to use a finance package to cover the cost, as these can be tailored to suit your budget.

Part Exchange

Many buyers need to sell their existing vehicle to help fund a new one. Part exchange is a great way of doing this, as it’s hassle free and you can use the value of your current model as a deposit against your next car.

Go for a Test Drive

When you’ve shortlisted a few options, test drive them to get a feel for how they run. Does the engine have enough punch for you? What does the steering feel like? Is there enough space inside? Above all, a test drive gives you the opportunity to identify any potential mechanical issues and raise them with the seller.

Look for the Whole Package

Don’t be afraid to ask what benefits come with the used car you’re considering if they’re not made immediately clear. For example, how long is the warranty on your chosen vehicle? Is there a 30-day exchange promise or similar in place? Will your model come with any extras such as roadside assistance? Different dealers offer different packages, so be sure to find out what’s included in the price.

Know Your Rights

Finally, it’s worth knowing your rights as a consumer when you buy. All vehicles sold must be of satisfactory quality, as described by the seller and roadworthy. You can find more information on the Consumer Rights Act on the website.